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THE MINIMALISTIC FLAT   160m  Moscow , Russia    —   THE SONS NIGHT CLUB    580m  Moscow , Russia   —   THE BILL  RESTAURANT    450m  Hamburg , Germany   —  THE BLACK & WHITE FLAT   80m  Moscow    —   THE PARIS - NEWYORK APARTMENT    70m  Moscow , Russia  —  THE RUE MAROSEIKA  160m   Moscow , Russia    —  THE ECLECTIC FLAT   100m  Paris , France  —  THE  LOFT  180m , Moscow     THE PRIVAT HOUSE     380m   Saint-Petersbourg , Russia      THE FLAT    110m  Moscow , Russia         THE TOERTUE CAFE    82m  Hamburg , Germany


160m  Moscow , Russia

This minimalistic interior focused on practicality and functionality as well as on style and enduring design. Simple forms and commendable restraint infuse this ultramodern apartment with style and personality. Beige, gray and black are the predominant colors featured in the apartment in various combinations.

580m  Moscow , Russia

The absoluttely secret space area  THE SONS night club is designed in decadance style mening through parisian style with velvet caepet custom design by Serge-Edouard Vierny , and custom design all alement of details like sofas , acessirise bar stand and door handle with the special custom marks par STUDIO VIERNY . 

THE FLAT   69m  Moscow , Russia

Luxury and utility seem mutually exclusive when it comes to design, but that was exactly what a young family was looking for when they purchased a big apartment in the heart of Moscow. The couple wanted a light-filled, spacious, and cozy home that met the family's individual needs. Located in an old house, this apartment consists of a hall, a combined living-kitchen-dining room, a master bedroom with bathroom and cabinet. 

THE FLAT   67m  Taganrog , Russia

The planning concept was one common space for the living, dining, and kitchen areas. The bathroom leads into the dressing room, separated with a Minimalistic, as well as chic and modern, it is enhanced with high-end natural materials include wood, stone and glass.

THE FLAT   110m  Moscow , Russia

SERGE VIERNY is a Moscow based photographer and Exhibitionniste magazine’s creative director. All Exhibitionnist’s photographs have a special short description like an additional focus on an object or an idea that a particular picture brings to complete the photograph or to give it a special explication- extravagant, stealthy significance. Serge compairs the meaning and a photograph itself to a chimical reaction between fashion, body sexuality and unique moments in real life.

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